Silvertone Electric Bass

by Seth Decker
(Wichita, Ks)

Just bought a Silvertone Electric Bass for my wife for Valentines Day. It is a single cut-out style with the second cut-out covered by tortoise shell style pick guard with finger rest block. It has mother-of-pearl inlays that are rectanguler as fret markers. Double pick-up with single switch. Volume and Tone knobs. I believe that it is the sunburst finish and not the redburst. Inside the f-hole it is stamped "F70' and "Made in the USA". This, I have come to the conclusion of, means that it was manufactured in the fall of 1970. However I have spent all day researching the net trying to find out more on this style of guitar. However, I have not found a single one that matches this guitar. It is shaped exactly like a violin. It has well-defined sideways U shaped sides instead of the standard coke-bottle curved style sides and the head is not a fender style, nor flat top, nor arched top, it is a big thick chunk of wood in a swirl type form, just like a violin. Any insight as to what this guitar is, or what it is worth would really be helpful. I only paid $150 for it, so I feel that I made a steal of a deal anyway, but I would like to know more about it if anyone has any information or the value of the guitar.


Hi, Seth--

Sounds cool! It would be much easier if you could supply a model number.

The models listed in the Blue Book do not seem to match, but the typical prices of the models that ARE listed is between $425. to $150.

I am going to go ahead and post this in hopes that some of our readers may have more information.


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