Should I Play Guitar Left Handed or Right Handed

by david r
(dallas, TX)

I am left handed...have not played guitar, but want to take lessons. how do I determine if I should go with a left handed guitar or right handed one??? which hand requires the most use in playing - thanks


Hi, David--

It depends on what is most comfortable for you. I have had left handed students who played right handed and others who played left handed.

If you play right handed, your right hand will be used for strumming. If you play left handed, you use your left hand for strumming.

Some lefties choose to play right handed just because it is easier to follow a guitar teacher if the teacher is right handed. Also, there is a bigger variety of guitars available for right handed players.

It may be, however, that right handed is just not comfortable for you. My best advice would be to go to a large guitar store and try out both models. You will shortly be able to tell whether or not you can adapt to right handed playing.

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