Should I play drums left handed or right handed?

Bet there are not 5 drummers on the planet like me.
I'm left-handed, but play basically right-handed, but start rolls/fills with left hand. Two hanging toms and floor tom are all to the left of the bass drum. Hi-hat is left of the snare and I play it with my right hand, as I also do with all cymbals. sometimes I just wish I played all left-handed or all right-handed. again I feel like the only person on the planet like this. should I try to learn just right, or just left to keep things simple? a nutshell, I play basic rhythms/beats right-handed, but any kind of fill or roll feels natural to start with left hand. Am I just weird??
thanks for your input!!


Very interesting. Actually, I think you should play in whatever manner is most efficient for you. There really are no rules.

Have you ever tried playing in "Open" position--leave the HH on the left and play it with your Left hand and the snare with your right?

This seems like it would be a comfortable way for you to play some things, and it would give you yet another option for utilizing your unique approach.

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Apr 15, 2015
38 years playing odd
by: Anonymous

set up kit completely right handed so if yo have to play another persons kit you will feel comfortable. Learn many different stickings and rudiments to better navigate around kit. Dont always start on snare.RRLL RRLR RLLR RLLRL RRL LLR Learn to play high hat with left hand snare with right also hat with right and snare with left be able to change from one way to the other seamlessly(position hat closer to audience snare closer to you). hit cymbals with either hand not just the right Dont tip drums too high don't dround out the singer use china cymbal sparingly but when you do hit it try to scare everybody!

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