Shell Depth and Mounting

I've noticed Tama has drumsets with shallower tom shells than other toms on other drumsets... is this better or worse? Also, some toms are mounted directly on the bass drum others attached to the cymbal stands. I've heard the toms mounted on the cymbal stands are not preferable because depending on how hard you hit the toms, the mount is not strong enough to keep steady the toms. Is this true? What would you say?


In general, the larger the tom, the deeper and more powerful the sound. It just depends on what music you will be playing. The smaller toms are good for jazz and some classic rock. Most metal players prefer larger "power" toms.

Personally I would always go for the bass mounted toms because I like the stability. There are advantages to stand mounted toms. They allow for more flexible positioning, mainly.

Again, I urge you to PLAY any drum set you are considering. Personal experience is the only real way to choose what is right for YOU.


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