sheet music for conga drums

by José Labiosa
(Columbus, Georgia)

I have been playing the conga drums for over 40 years. I play by ear and am now taking lessons to read sheet music. I don't have any sheet music related to conga drums. Can you provide me with some sheet music for conga drums? Thanks, José


Hi, Jose--

I am also a Conga player for many years. Even though you are an experienced player, it would be a good idea to start with a "beginner" book in order to learn to read the music. Here is a good one:

If you have a specific song that you want the conga part for, you can go to:

Almost Free Drum Tabs

and order the sheet music. We will transcribe any song for you. Just be sure to tell us you want the Conga part transcribed.

Best Wishes

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