Searching for a Hand Drum used by Mick Fleetwood

by Bill Wootton
(Geneva, IL USA)

Many Many moons ago I was at a Fleetwood Mac concert. Mick Fleetwood did a drum solo with some kind of hand held timpani. I have been looking to get one but am having no luck with standard searches.
Can you help me?


Hi, Bill--

I too could find no information using searches. I went to a drum forum to which I subscribe. Most of the guys there thought that you may be referring to the "Talking Drum" that Mick Fleetwood used.

The talking drum originated in West Africa. It is shaped like an hour glass and is covered by two skins that are connected by leather thongs.

The player squeezes the drum between his arm and body, allowing the drum to produce a variety of pitches.

Mick Fleetwood used the talking drum on "World Turning" on the band's 1975 album and also in concert performances.

Hope this answers your question.


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