Schecter Omen 6 FR or Ibanez grg 250dx

by flamingsigma

i've been thinking of buying a guitar and i am in midst of confusion to which model should i go for, Ibanez grg 250 dx or the Schecter Omen 6 FR. i would be really appreciated if any one would give me some suggestions as to which model should i go for.


Hi, flamingsigma--

There are a few things to sort out:

1) The Ibanez has medium sized frets. The Schecter has ultra jumbo. If you have small hands, the Ibanez might suit you better.

2) I trust the Schecter Diamond Plus high-output alnico humbuckers more than I do the PSDNS Powersound pickups.

3) Of course there are the esthetics. Personally I find the Ibanez with all of the red highlights a bit "dateable" (meaning that in a few years you may find that it is outdated and silly looking). Of course that is just personal opinion. I find the appearance of the Schecter a lot sexier and more classically attractive.

4) Here, in my opinion, is the most difficult decision: I personally am absolutely ADVERSE to the Floyd Rose locking tremolo. I t makes changing strings an absolute pain in the neck. If this guitar came with a different bridge, then I would definitely buy it.

Here is the deal--if you play music which requires a lot of "Whammy" (extreme pitch bending), then maybe you need the Floyd Rose bridge.

All in all, I would probably try to find a guitar with the classic good looks and pickups of the Schecter and a bridge other than the Floyd Rose.

That is just my opinion. Let's see what others have to say.


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