Scales\soloing on Guitar

by Alex
(Durham )

So basically, I'm just doing my basic exercises and doing my scales. When I jam with friends or with a simple chord progression I wonder if when I'm improvising if I could add like sharps or flats to it? When playing in G major it's basically the same notes over and over except a couple octaves higher or lower. Technically what I'm trying to say is, can I add sharps or flats to my improvisation? Or explaining how to improvise. I need to clarify on the when I'm soloing when I'm jamming with others do I just play in that key or can I add some sharps or flats to it?


Hi, Alex--

In general, you should play some scale in the same key or the relative key. In other words, in the Key of G you could use the G major Scale or the E Natural minor scale, or pentatonic minor and major scales depending on the particular chord progression.

You can use PASSING TONES, which would add sharps and flats. These would be notes that are not in the scale but are leading to a scales tone.

There is an old saying that there are no wrong notes--it just depends on how long you stay on them.


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