Says Me

by Samantha Godman
(Fairfield Pa United states)



This Band is a Musical Era, That Comes from an Original Alternative sound.

The Lead Singer, Ernie Turnbull and His Brother Dustin Turnbull the Guitarist, blend Together for a extraordinary connecting sound. Alongside of them is their cousin Micheal, who is the drummer.

With that being said the blending of love for their talent and hard work thrive in every lyric and sound. Ernie, writes his own Lyrics and put extraordinary effort into his Music. Dustin, Only Being a Musician for 5 years, exceeds to unmeasurable lengths and movement in his Genere.

This Band was formed for the Love and strict passion of Music and Rebeling strive to be heard. It is brilliantly done, and Put together.
WHAT you hear, Is what you get. Its totally them, and all the jumbles of their inspiration for Artists and Legacies of good heart and voice.


Where can we hear them? Do they have a website?

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