Sabian "Pang type" cymbal

by John Holliday
(Morton, IL)

I recently visited a music store that I hadn't entered in 25 years. In a fit of nostalgia, the proprietor bent my ear for the best part of two hours...with tales of good times and lamenting the fact that the big chain stores were now putting him out of business. In fact, during my long tortured visit, no one else had entered.
He gave me a special pen commemorating 40 years in business, and an old Zildjian catalog.
I felt horrible and somewhat responsible for having neglected his business for so long, so in a blind panic
I grabbed a pricey cymbal case as well as a dirty old 20" cymbal from the rack...tossed him my VISA, then after wishing him the best of Irish luck, ran from the store with my unexpected and unnecessary booty.

Upon further inspection, the cymbal turned out to be
of Sabian manufacture, constructed very similar to the Zildjian Pang...the edge being flat rather than flared upward. The logo was a small faint engraving, not covering more area than a half dollar coin would, and Canada was stamped in very boldly. It is drilled for no less than 6 rivets, although the rivets were long missing. There are no cracks, keyholes or any other defects.

Sound wise....well, it's completely utterly awful, in fact, the cymbal catalog that he gave me would most likely have sounded better.. but mayhaps I might find a use for it someday.

I'd like to find a bit more information about this cymbal if possible.
Sorry to be so long winded, but I'm naturally long winded.


Hi, John--

After spending a few days looking for info, I had no luck so I am putting your question on the site--let's see if anyone knows anything about the cymbal.


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