Rotary tom heads

by Brad
(Davenport, Iowa)

I recently bought some rotary toms (6,8, and 10 inches) and already broke the heads that came with them (I am not a heavy hitter though they were just bad just like all stock heads are). I was wondering what kind of replacement heads I should buy. I am sponsored by Evans though so I need to use them.

What kind of heads should I buy for Rotary toms???


Hi, Brad--

It depends upon what sound you like:

The G2 Coated heads will give you a well defined attack, warm tone, and not too much sustain and the heads are very durable.

The G2 Clear will be the same except that the tone will be a little less warm and the heads a little more durable.

The EC2 Clear is a new head for Evans. It has an Edge Control ring that isolates and dampens higher overtones, enhances low-end and attack, and enables broader tuning and dynamic ranges. The tone is medium warm and focused and the attack is very defined.

The EC2 Coated has the same control ring and the translucent coating adds additional warmth(more than the clear head), focus, and depth.

I think I would tend toward the EC2 clear because I like a bit of brightness and the edge control ring intrigues me. But in the final analysis, it depends on personal taste.

The only thing I would NOT recommend is single ply heads. One reason is that the attack is not as defined, which I think is not good for small drums. The other reason is that they tend to be less durable--as you have probably found out.

Hope this helps. In any case, Evans heads are really good heads. I had friends who managed the Evans factory and I KNOW how much they care about the quality of their heads.

Best Wishes--


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