Resonator Heads--Effect on Sound of Drum

by Bob

What significance does the bottom head have on sound? Should I purchase the same top and bottom, or can I go cheaper on the bottom and "spendy" on the tops?

Hi, Bob--
The bottom heads are called resonator heads because they do just that--add resonance and give "life" to the drum sound.

Mechanically, resonator heads are exactly the same as batter heads and, as they aren’t hit, they tend to be thin to medium thickness to maximize sensitivity and resonance.

You need to do a lot of experimenting to see what is the right combination for you. Personally I like to use resonator heads that are one level thinner than the batter heads. This gives the toms an open sound with a lot of resonance.

The issue here is more one of thickness and quality than of price. The thinner heads do tend to be a little less expensive, though.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!


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