Remo Black suede...

by Matt

Alright, i purchased Remo's new Black Suede emperor drum heads in 8",10",12" and 16" for my toms and 14" for my snare from guitar center several days ago, and after diligent tuning and tweaking i must say, they sound great. However, i have one minor concern (more of a curiosity) regarding their looks: while my 12" and 16" toms appear a dark shade of black, my 8" and 10" appear slightly lighter (though still black), somewhat of a dark grey-ish coloration. I am curious, in your experience is this normal? not sure if you've owned these heads but just figured i'd ask...


Hi, Matt--

I have never owned these heads. Maybe you should contact the Remo company and ask them about the inconsistency of color. Or you might talk to your dealer.

I am going to post this question so that some of our readers may have information for you.

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