Recording My Band to a Computer--What Do I Need?

by sam

I want to get 2 guitars, a keyboard, a mic and drum mics onto a computer. Do i need both an audio interface and a mixer, or is one piece of equipment sufficient.I don't need the best stuff, just as long as it doesn't sound horrible (budget is pretty low). If you have a suggestion please let me know.


Hi, Sam--

I did some looking around and found the perfect solution for you. With this piece of equipment, you can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously, so you can record 2 guitars, a keyboard, a mic and still have room for 4 drum mics.

Then you just hook it up to your computer and use your favorite software or use the Cubase software that is included and you can mix and edit from your computer.

This is truly a wonderful interface that functions in many ways AND the price is unbelievable!

See it at:


Have fun!


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