Reading Drum Tabs

by Steve Reilly

I just downloaded a "drum Tab on Demand" you did Parasite by KISS for me. First of all, thank you very much.
Second how do I read this? This is not the drum tabs I am used to. Is there a "KEY" somewhere on your web site to help me read this?
I understand that the x's at top of the staff is the Hi-Hat, but after that...
I did find a key once on your site, but now I can not locate it.

Steve Reilly

Perhaps, included in the price of tab music, you could also include the "key" to read music along with each song. Just a suggestion. When you buy something in a store it always comes with instructions. Or even make adding the key as an option where the customer can accept or deny the key.


Hi, Steve--

You can find a free PDF drum tab key at:

Drum Tab Key

I will see if I can include a Tab Key with every order. Thank you for the suggestion.

I think that when you get used to reading traditional format tabs you will much prefer them as they provide MUCH better accuracy.

Best Wishes,

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