RE: Mesh heads for Arbiter Lite drums

by Murph
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Anybody know what type of mesh heads will work with the Arbiter Flats lite kit? Tried Hart Dynamics (manufactured by Aquarian), but the metal rim of the head is too deep and won't sit down enough on the drum.


Hi, Murph--

All indications are that you should not try to use mesh heads on Arbiter drums.

The mesh heads work on acoustic drums because the tone comes from the resonance of the drum and the reso head. The Mesh head works because of the very little air that the mesh head moves. With Arbiters, there is no reso head or shell, so to use mesh heads will make Arbiters almost 100% silent.

That is what my research revealed. Let's see if any of our readers has other information.


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