by Skye Dawson
(Nashville TN)



I really love my Fave band Raintown from Glasgow, Scotland and their debut album “Hope in Troubled Times” which was released last week and I want to write a review about it.

I’ am sitting at home tonight with my gorgeous husky Keira and we are listening to Raintown, Lady Antebellum and some Keith Urban with some hot chocolate Bliss!

I have been following Raintown for 6 months now when I heard them on Av Radio and I instantly fell in love with their voices, melodies and heartfelt lyrics and i went straight on their website and signed up to their fan list and received a free single download and from then ive been hooked.

They have a great mix of country, celtic and pop in their sound and it all blends to make a really easy listening

TRACK 1. “Light the Fuse Up” (8/10)
I love this track it gives you an uplifting feel straight away from the start and you know this aint going to be no depressing country album. The hooky chorus makes it easy to sing along to and the lyrics makes you want to get and go.
The song is about getting out there to show the world what you got and don’t hold back in the process.

TRACK 2 “Ship of Fools” 7/10
Another great up-tempo track filled with great harmonies at the chorus to get to singing along too. This one has the potential to be a big radio hit due to the commercial appeal and contemporary meaning the song holds which is a relationship that has went a bit rocky and the couple want to shout about it.
Very passionate vocals from both Paul&Claire as you can feel the energy from every word.
TRACK 3 “Picture of us” 10/10
This song is just beautiful and it is definitely 1 of the favourites, I love the way Paul & Claire’s vocals complement each other in harmony.
This song is for anybody who has been or are in a relationship where it doesn’t work out the way you planned but you hope with all your heart it will one day ,I think a lot of people out there can relate to this subject.
This song will capture you from the opening line.

TRACK 4 “Just One Kiss”8/10
This is a very good debut from these guys I bought this single the day it came out and was very excited from then to hear the album and was not disappointed it was worth the wait.
The melody is very strong and these pair let their vocals soar in the end chorus which makes the song rock out.
Love the theme of saving someone with just one kiss because everyone can be saved with a kiss from a loved one it can take all the pain away.
Uplifting and it gradually builds into a little toe tapper.

TRACK 5 “Falling Backwards”10/10
Paul starts this song and captures with his beautiful tone into this mostly piano based ballad.
It’s the song on the album where the singers get to sing a lot in harmony with each other which is beautiful.

TRACK 6 “Loves got a hold you “10/10
Well this song is one when you 1st hear it you will be like DO I LIKE THIS??
And let me tell you will LOVE IT!
Paul and Claire really have a funky little song which gets me dancing around my bedroom every time I hear it and the lyrics are really fun about a couple in love and enjoying it.
I let my mum hear this and she totally sings it all the time and asks me to put in on when we are in the car.

TRACK 7”Hope in troubled Times” 7/10
There isn’t a song on this album I don’t like and this is a great little song as i always think the title tracks always have to live up to expectation and this does.
I maybe takes a bit of time to get into but I like the relevant subject as we are searching from our own little bit of hope in troubled times around the world.

This one makes me cry it is one beautiful piece of song writing which just touches you right in that place.
It makes me think of my grandpa and how much i miss him every day.

This has a nice pop feel to it like a lot of Lady Antebellum tracks love the meaning and the build up to the chorus it took me a few plays to get into this one.

Very Country/Rock and it reminds me of a track Keith Urban would perform the vocals are AMAZING on this song again so passionate i believe every word.

Another song which made me cry (damn you Raintown ) lmao
Beautifully written and very stripped back considering the whole album is very produced and rocking out. This one got me thinking about my ex and how much we had together then lost it.

This Album makes we want more I can’t wait for the 2nd CD and the 1st is just released.
I love this pair and I’m going to follow them and promote them every chance I get to.

Their website is www.raintownmusic.com to find out more and get some FREE music. All details on how to buy “Hope in Troubled Times” the debut album is on there, honestly this album is worth the buy and it is timeless you could listen to this one is years to come.

The album went Top 10 in the UK on its 1st week and I’m so proud of them they will be selling out arenas in the short months to come.
Love & Take Care
Skye & Keira(doggie)



What a great review!


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Sep 07, 2011
Raintown review
by: BigMacG Productions

You come across as a very level-headed, opinionated, intelligent person with real taste for good music. Well written my dear.

BigMacG Productions

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