by Skye Dawson
(Nashville TN)



I came across this amazing band called Raintown on a radio show called avradio one night and i was captured straight away with their emotional lyrics and haunting melodies. I went straight onto their website and then bought their debut single "Just One Kiss" from iTunes.

Ever since i have been following them on facebook & twitter and i'am dying to see them perform live.
Claire&Paul have spoken to me a number of times on facebook and seem like really down to earth & sweet.

Their album "Hope in troubled times" is released in October 2010 and i cant wait i want to spread the word all around the world as much i can as they are amazing.
Their style is pop/country and they have a soul twist to each of their voices which works so well together.

Please check them out @ www.raintownmusic.com.

Lots of love
Skye x

This is a link to their acoustic version of "Just One Kiss"

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