Purchasing a drum set and a snare drum

by Jimmy


I just googled "drum questions" and this was one of the first link, but anyways...

I'm planning on purchasing a Tama Swingstar (Cherry Red - 2 rack toms, 2 floor toms, and a bass drum) as well as a Ludwig 80's Acrolite snare drum (but the throw-off is broken and would need to get a ludwig p85 for about $20).

The seller is asking $300. Is this a good deal?



Hi, Jimmy--

I would definitely go for it. If the drums are in good shape, you can make them sound any way that you want with tuning and heads.

The Ludwig snare drum is a great choice. Throw-offs do break and the replacement price seems totally reasonable.

The main additional cost would be hardware and cymbals. If you have those, you are set!


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