Pulse 8-Piece Double Bass Kit

by Colby James Brice Martin
(Lindsay OK,)

I tuned all of my drums not to long ago, and i noticed something. I have a PULSE 8-piece double bass.

When i was tuning my bass drums, and the rings that hold down the drum head. Were all different sizes, and that doesn't seem right to me (since both the bass drums are the same size)
I was just wondering. What caused it, and how it may be prevented in the future. I have a 3-year coverage plan on the drums. But it would make me sad to send them in and not be able to play. So can you help me?


Hi, Colby J.B. Martin--

The Pulse brand is a generic brand manufactured for Musician's Friend and Guitar Center. There apparently are a few Asian companies that manufacture 50-60 such generic brands for different companies.

It could well be that the drums are not made to exacting specifications. I don't understand when you say that the hoops are different sizes. If they are radically different, then it seems like they would not fit on the bass drums.

The thing is, you are probably not going to get support for this issue, no matter what your service agreement is because it is not a breakage or a recognized default--but you can consult your agreement to be sure.

I guess my advice would be this: If you liked the drums before you found this out, put the hoops back on (on the same drum they came off of), tune the heads (maybe replace them--factory heads for these drums are usually crap), and PLAY.

There is a reason why you can get an 8 piece set like this for a low price. BUT, in my opinion, a good drummer can make magic form ANY set.

You might want to, as I said, replace the heads and get great cymbals. In any case, just play and practice and when the time comes to buy the next set, be aware of the quality vs price issues.

Hope this has helped.

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Best Wishes,

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