Problem with action on Gibson SG copy

by Elliot
(over there)

ok so I bought a copy of a gibson sg. I didnt really spend the most amount of money on it so i knew the quality wasn't going to be perfect.

When i got it, it came with really obviously cheap strings so I changed them. The strings I put on were ones I use for my guitar I use for metal. I tried playing it and for the guitar to make a clean sound you have to press down on the fret significantly harder than on my other guitar and it makes it very difficult to play.

So anyway i was wondering is this because the guitar is bad quality or is it because I'm using the wrong guitar strings?


Hi, Elliot--

The answer is probably a combination of factors. If the action on the guitar is set high and you use heavy gauge strings, yes, you are going to have to exert more pressure,

If you can set the action lower, the heavy strings may work. Otherwise, try using lighter gauge strings.

You don't mention the brand of guitar, so I really cannot comment on the basic quality of the guitar.

Best Wishes,

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