Problem with a capo

by Jas

I often play my acoustic guitar with a capo on it, and towards the end of a gig I put the capo on and it sounded terrible. I tried putting it on a few times on different frets but it always sounded very very buzzy, it sounded like some strings weren't even being held down at all. I assumed something had broken in my capo even though it looked fine. I got home and tried a different capo but I encountered the same problem.
Any suggestions of why this could be?

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Sep 17, 2019
Capo not working
by: Lynne

Hi, Jas--

It sounds more like a problem with your guitar. May be a fret problem. You need to check whether your guitar holds its tuning. See if the harmonics are the same on the 12th fret. Depending on the age and quality of your guitar,you may need to have it looked at by a professional. The neck may need to be straightened.


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