Pro Bot--Shake Your Blood Drum Part

by miriam
(new zealand)

I'm learning a song by Pro Bot, it's called "shake your blood" dave grohl is the drummer. The songs easy so i hav'nt requested the drum tab for it lynn, however there is a tricky bit usually after the verses and only like two bars, i just don't seem to know what he's doing (something on the toms and bass drum included} please could you write the sticking and bass drum notes for me lynn? I would ever be so grateful..



Hi, Miriam--

Actually you did previously order the tab for this song. I sent you an email saying that I was not able to find the song on iTunes.

I am still not able to locate the file. If you know where I can get it, I will be glad to write the tab including the sticking.

Let me know..

Bet Wishes,

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