Practice Not Looking at Piano Keys

by Irene

How do i learn to play the piano faster without having to look at the keys and keep my eyes straight on the music sheet? I tend to peep on the keys and that way i always stop, since i loose track of my position in the music sheet and at the same time on the piano keys.


Hi, Irene-

There are ways to practice so that you become more comfortable not looking at the keys instead of the music.

One thing that really helps is if you practice your scales and chords while looking straight ahead. This way, you can become more familiar with the keyboard by touch without having to worry about reading the music.

Another way to practice is to put a covering over your hands. You could try taping a long piece of butcher paper over the keys, securing it at each end so that there is a space for your hands to move.

This will be difficult at first, but it will become easier as your hands and fingers become more familiar with the keyboard.

You also need to practice just refusing to look down, This will become easier after you have practiced the above two methods.


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