Playing Piano with Six Fingers (Ravel did OK with 5)

by ray
(New Orleans LA USA)

I had a stroke as an infant and my rt hand can strum a guitar and maybe do a simple lead or hold down the shift key. For piano where would I look to make the most of left hand piano? I guess chord after chord (let It Be, for instance) but do any lessons come to mind with bass and chords or walking bass (which I can't figure out)other "tricks"?


Hello, Ray--

Believe it or not, playing piano with the left had alone is considered an art form!

I have a couple of links for you AND a free pdf file of a Brahms piece for left hand.

Here is the link to the Brahms piece. Just click on it and you will be able to print it out.
Brahms--Study No.5 for Left Hand Alone

This site--Piano Music for the Left Hand Alone--is a comprehensive site with vast resources.

And this site--One Hand Music for Piano--is a catalog, from which you can order a huge variety of music and exercises, all for the left hand alone.

Hope this helps you to get started and BEST WISHES to you! Let me know if I can be of more help and keep me informed of your progress.


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