Pickup Buzz and Crackling on Ibanez Guitar

Ibanez sa-260fm

Ibanez sa-260fm

Hi i recently bought an Ibanez sa-260fm guitar. When I first played the guitar the middle pick up wasn't working this problem has now been resolved but there is a crackling noise present whenever I turn up the tone control, there is also a loud buzzing noise on the neck and middle pickups. I was wondering what these noises were and how i can get rid of them. Is the guitar faulty or just not adjusted properly? I have attached an image of the guitar.




The noise in the tone control may be resulting from a dirty or defective potentiometer. The buzzing in the pickups may indicate that the pickups need to be reseated or that there is a short in the wiring.

My advice would be to take the guitar to a qualified repair person. There is nothing wrong that can't be corrected, but I would advise against trying to do it yourself.


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