Piano Slurs

by Dolly
(N Ireland)

Thank you Lynne for all your info. about the 2-note slurs. I would like to know if lots of slurs consisting of 2 quavers followed by a crotchet are accented regardless of where they appear in the bar of music.


Hi Dolly--

Think of it this way--the slur literally means that the first note is articulated and the remaining notes are carried through without separate articulation (be it breathing or changing of bow direction). The articulation on the first note is inherently an accent. Try singing a three note phrase and accent the last note--VERY unnatural.

What music are you wanting to know about? It definitely sounds like you have some SPECIFIC piece of music which is causing you concern.

Maybe if you could tell me what piece and specify the particular slurs (i.e. what measure), I could be of more help to you.

If you can scan a page and save it as a file, you could include an image here.

Or if it is a fairly common piece of music, I probably have it. I would like to help.

Best Wishes,


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