Piano Ledger Line Notes

by Sadiyah

This is what I am referring to

This is what I am referring to

Hello, I am just starting back up with piano after a 3 year break, and I have forgotten some things about reading sheet music. What does it mean when there are two lines on a piano note? Does it mean that the note is played two octaves lower than middle C?

Thanks for your help!



Those lines are called "ledger lines". They are used to notate notes on the piano which are higher or lower than the notes located on the 5 lines and 4 spaces of the staff.

Assuming that the above notes are in treble clef, they are E below middle C, F below middle C, and E below middle C.

Just start with middle C on the first line below the staff and count down one note for each line or space.

Best Wishes for your piano playing--have fun!


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