Piano Hand Positions

by Johnny Dellancia
(Nashville )

Okay so I'm just learning piano. I play songs using my right hand (thumb, index, and pinky) for chords and for the bass notes I use my left hand. Is this correct? Or usual?

I'm concerned because i see many players using left hand for chords and for bass they use right. i write lefty, but play sports and guitar righty.


Hi, Johnny--

There are a couple of issues here:

1. It does not matter what your dominate hand is. The LEFT hand is used for bass. This is because the lower notes are to your left when facing the piano. So use your left for bass (unless you want to play upside down and backwards) I suspect that what you have seen is other players do is play chords with their left hand and melodies with their right hand.

2. Fingering is important. The fingering for chords depends on the position or inversion of the chord. You can find a free lesson on chord inversions and fingerings at:

Piano Chord Inversions

You can also find tons of free piano lessons at:

Absolutely Free Piano Lessons

Best Wishes,

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