Park Lane

by Sean Stevens
(Orange, Ca)

Just like fitting puzzle pieces together to make a portrait, the same goes for putting a band together. The guys of Park Lane: Calvin Calloway, Mike Keller, Grayson Hurd, Joe Calderon, and Cameron Stucky have seen the ups and downs of trying to put those pieces together.

After auditioning over 80 lead singers, going through 2 bass players and 2 drummers, they had finally finished that puzzle. Shortly after the band had finished working on some new material, Duane Reed (Guitarist and back up vocalist of Destroy the Runner) approached the band and offered to help them record an EP in December 2008. "We packed up and headed down to San Diego, it's was just a huge leap of faith."

They recorded their 4 song EP down at Sushifish Records in only 5 days. The guys of Park Lane are back and more ready than ever to take the music industry by storm.

Sean Gonzales(CEO of Tonecraft Design), "These guys are truely talented musicians and overall good people, they care more about their music and working hard to give people the best music they can. Where as most bands are in it for the money and fame and want to be that one hit wonder, ParkLane is doing it because of the genuine love for music."

Mike Keller(Member of Park Lane), "We arent trying to write a great song we are trying to write great albums. And hopefully all of our hard work will get us somewhere...."

Listen to them now at:

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