P90s vs Humbuckers

What are better on an epi les paul p90s or humbuckers?


It really depends on the sound that you want and the type of music that you are playing. The P 90's, being single coil, will give you more of a treble bite and the humbuckers are more mellow.

The P 90's are a bit noisier. There are a lot of companies making P-90 type pickups and they are all a little different.

One other thing--I have noticed that Epiphone is using EMG's on their new guitars. You might want to check them out.

EMG EMG-MH Marcus Henderson Active 85/85 Humbucker Set

EMG EMG-SV Vintage Single Coil Active Pickup Black

These are active pickups which means that you will need a bit of customizing on your guitar. One of my students brought in a new Epi SG with the humbuckers and the sound is EXCELLENT!


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