Oscar Shmidt OG10CE--good guitar for a beginner?

by Travis

I'm looking for a guitar to begin on, and at my local music shop, saw an Oscar Shmidt OG10CE. The store's list price, though, is 299.99.

My question is: Is the OG10CE a decent guitar to begin with, or in a few months, will I be looking to upgrade? Should I try to haggle with these guys, because I've found it on the net for 199.99.

Thanks, and I appreciate your time


Hi, Travis--

Here is the Blue Book General info:

- jumbo single cutaway style, hardwood flame top/back/sides, Herringbone top binding, bound neck, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, matching headstock, tortoise pickguard, adjustable truss rod, electronics and pickup, chrome hardware, available in Natural, Trans. Blue, Trans. Red, or White finish, current mfg.

The pricing info:

New $195
Excellent $110 - 140
Average $70 - 90

***I would say that if you are purely interested in price, BOTH prices are high.

I personally do not have experience with these guitars. They are built by Washburn, so that gives them some credibility.

If you liked the one at the local store, then maybe it is a good guitar for you if you can get the price down.

Did you try any other guitars? It is worth considering whether you want an acoustic/electric or an electric. I usually encourage my students so start on electric if that is their interest.
For one thing, it is easier on the fingers and generally more fun to play in the beginning.

I find the Epiphones really hard to beat. The Gibson company seem to really care about the quality of their bottom line guitars.

Hope this information has helped!


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