"Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord" by Michael W. Smith--Drum Tab (Guitar Pro)

Now you can enjoy playing "Open the Eyes of My Heart" exactly the way it was played on the recording my Michael W. Smith.

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About This Song

"Open the Eyes of My Heart" is a meditative Christian song that is very popular in contemporary worship services. It was released on September 11, 2001 as a part of Michael W. Smith's "Worship" album. This song was written by the well known Christian composer, Paul Baloche.

About The Drummer

Raymond Boyd not only plays drums on projects for a large number of Christian musicians, he is also a well known producer in the Christian music
world. He is at much at home with programming drum loops and mixing and mastering as he is with drumming.

About This Tab

The Introduction and the first Verse are comprised of a nice 16th note groove on the Hi Hat with tasteful accents placed in strategic places.

The Chorus is an eighth note beat with 16ths continuing on the tambourine. This is followed by two verses in which Boyd uses a 16th note disco type feel with unusual accents on the Snare Drum.

The Bridge reverts back to a 16th not Hi Hat groove similar to that of the Introduction.

The last portion of the song is an Interlude which is the audience participation section so typical of contemporary Christian Worship music.

If you enjoy playing Christian music and especially songs that are very highly produced, then you will have fun with this one. Give it a try!


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