Onyx Custom Craft Guitar

by Steph

I brought my guitar from a store who sells a range of items and does not specialize in guitars. on the head it says onyx, and on the back is a metal plate stating "Onyx Custom Craft" I have tried google for answers about this model, but cannot find anything about it.


Hi, Steph--

These guitars are not listed in the Blue book. You can find out a little about them at:



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Aug 20, 2022
Onyx Custom Craft info
by: Matt

Hi Steph,
From what I have been able to find on the 'net, Onyx was originally a small importer based in Melbourne. Apparently most of the Onyx stuff was made in Korea with the top line gear being individually serial numbered, usually on the neck plate stamped with "Custom Craft" and the serial number. I bought my 'crackle' paint job one off a friend back in my teenage years. It looks and sounds great. I have zero idea of the value but don't care as I'm not parting with it!
Mine has unusual electrics set-up (original), with 3 pickups, neck single, mid single, bridge humbucker, each pickup having ut's own mini-toggke switch - the singles off-on and the humbucker a 3 way off-on-split, tone and volume knows. It's an electric set up I rather like but have not seen it anywhere else.

Nov 12, 2020
Onyx 335
by: David

Recently bought an Onyx 335 in a distressed state and with a little bit of TLC, cleaning the gold fittings and a set of Ernie Ball 10-46's plays as good as any 335 I've come across.
Not that interested in the value as it's a keeper.
The pickups are interesting as they ring out at 12k each and on inspection are made by WooSung Chorus (WSC) and have a DiMarzio look and sound about them.

Aug 19, 2020
My Onyx Custom Craft Strat
by: Dan Djurdjevic

Thanks for the info! I made this video tonight of my own Onyx Custom Craft. Hope it’s of interest:

Aug 09, 2020
ONYX Project Series acoustic(?) guitar
by: tkseven

Just picked up an Onyx Project series acoustic, which I think has a DIY pickup. Next joins body at 14th fret then single cut-away to about 17. Bought it for acoustic slide.
Anyone know anything about "Onyx Project Series". Very light, slim body, oval sound hole.
Any info greatly appreciated.

Jun 03, 2018
Onyx custom craft
by: Alan

i have a onyx custom craft lp style axe, flame maple top great condition. plays great,comes with crocodile synthetic case heavy duty, bought for $150, im absolutely happy considering i thought it was a dud.

Feb 10, 2018
Onyx Custom Craft Strat Copy 1989 coral Oeange
by: Tommy Cripps

I have had almost 200 guitars in my collection at any one time. Including Gibson,Fender,Maton, Samick, '61 Teisco and the list goes on. My onyx custom craft is the guitar I love the most to play although I am better at repair and setup than playing them I sadly admit. My high end guitars are up to $5000 some custom hand made and this is more enjoyable to play than any of them. I am a audio /electronics engineer by trade and have been involved in the entertainment industry for nearly 30 years. The onyx resonates and performs like no other guitar, and no anount of money would influence me to sell it. Another rare and grand find is a Valley Arts early '90s Samick. There really are some true gems out there.

Aug 06, 2017
onyx guitar
by: Anonymous

I also have one, owned for over 20 years and baught second hand, has custom craft plate on back and number 900121 . Would love to know what its worth

Jan 28, 2012
Onyx Custom craft
by: Anonymous

I too have a custom craft guitar with floyd rose floating bridge and lock nut. If these guitars are set up right nothing will beat them for speed and balls! I have several expensive guitars all set up perfectly (9 in total) but the onyx beats them all for all round performance. Mine has the cracked paint effect paint job and these were the most desireable of the collection. I've only ever seen 1 other guitar like mine, It was beaten chipped and just plain old not looked after. It was in a music shop 14 years ago for $799. Apparantly at that stage $1500 was the going price for a good example of this guitar, therefore i would not part with mine for less than $2500, sentimental value is priceless. Dont expect to find much info on them, just know you have a very well crafted guitar and if you look after it, it will look after you!

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