Numbers at the end of chords!

I have been trying to play this song for AGES! The chords say:
E – 079900
Eb/E – 069900
C#m – 046600
A – 002200
B – 024400
Cm – 035500
D – 057700
A5 – 577000
WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN! Because its not just normal E, it's a different E and it's so confusing! Please explain what the numbers mean and how I can work out how to play other chords like this in the future! :) Thanks....


Hi, izzy_magic--

The numbers tell you what fret to put your fingers on. The 6th string is the first number and so on.

For example, the first chord "E" tell you to put your fingers on the 7th fret of the 5th string and the 9th fret of the 4th and 3rd strings. Normally you would play just those three strings and you would be playing an "E" power chord. It looks like in this case, though, you play all of the strings, which will still give you an E power chords with an Extra E at the bottom and a B and E at the top.

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