Noise from MXR Dyna Comp

by TJ

Players....I have a question I have done everything I know to do and my pedal board is a stage 5 powerd board and my pedals consist of

ernie ball volume pdl
mxr dyna comp
mxr carbon copy delay
voodoo lab sparkle drive
mxr overdrive
mxr phase 90
boss tremlo
boss eq
boss noise suppressor

Here is my problem I am getting what sounds like interference noise only when my dyna comp is on? I have tried everything except getting rid of the dyna comp ...anyone have any help for me? Thanks guys.... by the way also it happens when the volume is down its not cables or any type static but a crackling noise that will not suppress...



Hi, TJ--

It is difficult to answer this question without being able to see and hear your setup. I am going to post this and see if some of our readers have some ideas for you.


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Oct 22, 2012
Noise from MXR Dyna Comp
by: Anonymous

Noise from MXR Dyna Comp
How does one post here, I have the fix for this problem....thank you!

Oct 12, 2012
Noise from MXR Dyna Comp...fixing it
by: jb

Hello, as any experienced guitar player knows, all pedal type are noisy when set to high levels on the vol(output) and sensitivity (compression blend) knobs and left to ramp up, amplifying everything in the environment it seems....planet Mars rover interference can even be a problem.

Oh no, I cant do this in 300 charasters, no way. Ill try to find somewhere to submit the fix and come back here with the URL....crap!!!

Apr 02, 2012
MXR Dyna Comp - cracklin n poppin
by: Paul Hewson

Same thing here guys/gals. Removed MXR from my set up and used direct guitar to MXR to amp.. its defo the MXR. It crackles and pops and at times, it's so bad that it even sounds like the speakers are gonna go. Now.. my friend uses exactly the same pedal, so I just used his instead, same settings as I had and.. it works fine. I have read so much about dyna comps on different forums about not being able to use them with different pedals or certain set ups.. for me this is definitely a fault with the MXR, not the setup. I'm gonna fiddle around and see if I can find anything.. will check back here to see if any of you guys have been successful.

Mar 07, 2012
Any solutions?
by: Anonymous

I know this is an old thread but I too am having the exact same issue and about to look for a different pedal if I can't resolve. Anybody have any luck diagnosing or solving this?

Nov 20, 2011
any updates here ?
by: Anonymous

I'm getting the same problem with my SMD (i'm guessing recent model) MXR DynaComp.

-I've tried comparing with power from PSU and Battery. the low-crackle noise is less with battery. but still there.
-I've tried cleaning the input and output jacks using simple cloth

-happens even when the SENSITIVITY is at zero.
-happens even when no input signal (no jack connected [Only for PSU powered]).
-starts happening after a minute or two from turning on the pedal.

the noise sounds like someone blowing into a microphone.

if it matters, theres a SLIGHT ground when you gently touch the output jack or the footswitch.

please tell me how i can fix this without having to change my PSU or using batteries everytime(because it's costly).

Feb 24, 2010
yep...interference and radio...
by: Eric

same here...except worse! I just moved to a new place and it now picks up the radio full blown!!! if i take it out of the chain then no more noise or radio so I know it's the dyna comp. But I need it in my chain so...dont want to take it out. I used to live in a more rural area and the unit did not pickup any radio but always was more noisy than the other pedal, i'd just stick the noise decimator at the end of the chain and it was all good, but now that i moved into dynacomp plays the radio! should i open it up and mess with the wires at all?

Oct 28, 2009
MXR Dyna Comp
by: Anonymous

I too am having EXACTLY the same problem. I went through the usual lead check and speaker on amp seems fine without other effects and 'when removing the Dyna Comp... no more interference'. It is really frustrating as my only option at the moment is to buy a new one, but what if it happens all over again?!? ANY HELP OUT THERE?

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