My Left Arm Hurts When Playing Guitar

by Pat
(Auburn, Wash)


I'm a beginning guitar player. I have been practicing about 1.5 to 2 hours per day and I notice my left arm hurts at the bend when I take my hand away from the guitar and put it down to my side. I have to do it VERY slowly or it will hurt from practicing. What's up with that.

It goes away in a very short time so I can start up again but my question is will I work through it and is that normal at first?


Hi, Pat--

Try changing the position of your elbow. Most beginners hold their elbow too close to the body and this puts the hand in an unnatural position, making the hand and arm strain to reach the fretted notes.

Move your elbow out away from your body and be sure that your left arm is not resting on your leg.

Also, try practicing for shorter periods of time with a rest period in between until your arm becomes accustomed to its new function.

Let me know how you are doing!


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