MY 1000 Dollar drumset sounds like garbage! PLZ HELP ME!!!

OK i have a ddrum dominion duofade maple drum set. 13 inch snare,12inch rack tom, 14 and 16 inch floor toms. I have remo emperor clear heads on the toms and the stocc head on the snare. I bought this set for about 900$ AND was sooo excited for a good sounding set. BUT IM FAR DISSAPOINTED.

I'd say its mainly due to the way i have tuned my set. I dont know how to at all! I don't know anything about drum maintenance-- just how to play them.

My band and i play soft rock, things like city and colour and death cab for cutie. WELL I don;t know how to make my set sound good for this. I want that low punchy sound from my toms. so how should I tune it all?

also how do i get the loud booming sound from my base(much like the toms)??? my set is very very loud...and it sounds very bad so please tell me how to tune everything to match a death cab like sound and how to decrease the amount of "loudness" plz I'm dieing for help!


You don't say whether or not you bought these drum new. If you did, it could be a simple matter of muffling to get ride of unwanted ringing.

I suggest that you visit:

Hints for Tuning Drums.
One of the main topic is muffling.

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