Moving Around the Drum Kit

by Alex

When i do fast fills i find it difficult to move from drum to drum (eg. snare to floor tom or from the floor tom to the higher tom). speed is not the issue though as i actually consider myself fairly fast. i seem to struggle with turning my body. what might i be doing wrong and what could i do to improve?



Hi, Alex--

Here are a couple of things that may help:

1. Move your elbows out away from your body a bit more. Your arms should be free and you should not have to move your body in order to reach ANY drum in your kit. The bigger the area that you move, the slower you will be. It is your arms and shoulders which should rotate.

2. When moving from the snare to the floor tom, be sure that you begin your approach as SOON as the RH has played the last note before the move. Waiting until you need the note to star the move will slow you down. It is called "Preparation".

3. When moving from the floor tome to the next highest tom, again, PREPARE, but in addition it sometimes is possible to do a double Right on the last 2 notes of the Floor Tom so that the Left stick plays the other tom 1st. That makes it faster because your left hand is closer to the 2nd tom. So, for example if you have 2 beats of 4 16ths each, try paradiddles w/o the accent--RLRR LRLL. This is much faster and still sets your RH up to go back to where it needs to be on the next beat.

Hope this helps!


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Mar 23, 2009
A suggestion
by: Brett

What I've found helps is to practice rudiments with the moeller technique. For instance, when I practice paradiddles, I put the accent on the first beat by using my arm for more power, then my fingers for the rest of the notes. I found tha when I practice this way, it not only improves my overall bpm by using my fingers, but my arm speed as well, allowing me to move around the drumset faster. Hope that helps :)

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