Mounted Tom vs. Floor Tom--14"

by Scott
(Louisville ,Kentucky,U.S.A)

I Just got a used DW 6 piece shell set. All of the shells except for the snare of course were mounted with suspension mounts. I have a 10,12,14,and 16. I am going to make the 16 a floor tom. So I will put legs on it and I have had mixed opinions on the 14. Some guys say they would use the suspension mount to mount it on a DW tom stand and the guy at the drum store said to put it on the floor. He said that it was to heavy to be on a stand. I am a beginner and this is my first set so I have no clue what to do. It will be some time before I am done with the set because I need everything and I will buy as I get the funds. So I would like to hear what you say. Thanks


Hi, Scott--

First of all I just have to say that you have chosen an EXCELLENT first set!

I think that I would use it on the 14 on the floor--NOT because it is too heavy, but because it is large enough to give you a good heavy sound if you have the arm leverage that a floor tom allows.

It is a very different sound that you get when your arms have a longer distance to go. For one thing, the distance will allow for much more power. For another, the additional rebound distance will let the tom resonate more deeply if you tune it that way.

Just MHO,

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