Modal progressions I think they are called

by ray
(New Orleans LA USA)

After you have the I-vii stuff and you want to go on, there are things like 4 of the 4 C Bb and stuff and then there's those things like bVII.

I sort of think of them as 2 different ways to stray from the key whereas 4 of 4 can lead to modulation but bvii isn't likely to. What I'd really like is something like this and I can't do with numbers:
C a e C7Bb Eb D7
d F D7

I'm trying to list like the next chord using scale,extensions, parallel major and relative minor, modal changes. Can I make a circle with all subs for the I,ii ii etc and then plug that into the chord map thing?


Hi Ray--

I am TRULY sorry, but I do not understand your question. I really tried. Could you please try to put the question a different way? I would LOVE to help if I could just understand what it is that you want.


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Feb 10, 2008
Is this better?
by: ray

No Big deal, I'm trying too.

Let's use C d e instead of numbers.

If I write a lyric and I have a tune in my head that goes with it, sort of like "Scrambled eggs" and "Yesterday"; usually the first thing I hear is the chord changes. Am I dealing with a 2 chord "Tom Dooley" song or a three chord trick and where do I sort of hear minor chords?

Okay: Let's say I start in I the C. And let's say the song is even more complicated than a four chord C a F G7 song. To get the next chords, knowing that G G7 and F are likely to be prominent I sit down and do a substitute option list.

Instead of C it could be C6,Cmaj7,(extensions)or parallel minor or something
or it could be Am or Em Relative minor and whatever e is. and the d could easily be D D7 D23 (kidding) or I could sub F

And the e could almost as easily be E7 or C or even G right?

And F could be d a

G could be G7

So now I will have the 7 notes and substitutes, but now I have to add the Bb. Is that secondary dom or something? Are there other 5 of 4 5 of 5 whatever that I have to add so I end up with: 5 of 4? whatever.

C d e F G a Bb?
I could add f#, c#m,g# Db ab,eb. I think these are modal subs or something. But where would they lie on my chart? The f# probably lines up with those chords in the a neighborhood and the c# is in the a e neighborhood.

I'm trying to end up with a chord map that has more options than you see on (whatever)Horizontal would look something like:


In other words you intuitively know you can sub a for a C and F for d. But this (tries) to lay it out. The problem is where would those 5 of and 4 of chords go?

Feb 10, 2008
no idea?
by: phil mc grane

hey guys i have no idea what all of that meant, i'm sorry but drum music is so much easier!!

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