"Metal Bass Drum Hoop Rattle?"

by Rhythmaker
(Orange CA)

So my bass drum hoops sound like a rainstick??!! It sounds like there are small bits of metal broken off inside and it rolls around when you move it. Its pretty old so I ordered 2 more new replacments and they have the same freakin problem right out the box? Is this normal?

I am worried that for recording the kick mic will pick up any small rattle they may make from vibrations when the beater impacts the head. Has anyone ever heard of this?


Hi, Rhythmaker--

I have never had this problem, but hopefully some of our visitors will have some ideas for you.


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Feb 01, 2015
Fix for Metal Bass Drum Hoop Rattle
by: Brandon

I had this problem and it really bugged me, even though I've recorded with the hoops in question and never had a problem with the rattle showing up on anything recorded.

The outer edge of the hoop is wider and thus the likely place where loose metal is traveling inside the hollow hoop. With a high-speed rotary tool, I drilled a small hole in the outside of the hoop, right on the collar between the flat middle part (where an inlay would go) and the slightly raised outer edge. I suppose you could also drill a hole right on the outermost (vertical) edge of the hoop, though it would be more noticeable there.

Once I had the hole drilled, I placed a strong refrigerator magnet against the side of the hoop near the hole and slowly rotated the hoop to get the loose metal to "fall" down near the hole and (hopefully) stick to the magnet. This took some trial and error, as well as enlarging the hole on one of the hoops, but eventually the loose metal debris stuck and I was able to pull it out through the hole. I did the same thing on the other, hoop, and same result. No more rattling, but the hoops now have small holes in them, which can be mostly covered up with an inlay or with your claws.

I hope this helps someone and would be happy to share pictures showing the holes and the removed metal debris.

May 01, 2013
Rattling from snare instead?
by: Anonymous

It could come from the snare drum nearby rattling. Tightening the chains underneath the snare. Or muffle them to see if this is the problem.

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