Major Scale Positions for Guitar

by Curtis Farmer
(Lake stevens,Wa)

Im learning the major scale right now from "Guitar Exercises For Dummies" book. It shows me, for example, A major scale 4th position.

1. I was wondering if the scale lays out the same for any key, like C major 7th position or B major 6th position?

2. And I also shows me different variations to play that A major scale. A major 2nd position. I was wondering if the Scale lingo im talking about would make any sense to anyone one else( 4th position, 2nd position, etc.) If it does could i play those different variations anywhere on the neck in a different key?


Hi, Curtis--

I think that you may be confusing FRETS and POSITIONS.

POSITION refers to playing the in same KEY (G for example)while starting on different frets. For example, if you play the G major scale starting on the 3rd fret, the pattern will be different from the one that you would use to play the G major scale while staring on the 7th fret. That means you are playing the scale in a different POSITION. You are playing the G major scale, but beginning on the second note--A. In fact, you can begin on any note in the scale and it will still be a G major scale as long as you play with only one sharp--F#.

If you start the G major scale on the 3rd FRET of the 6th string, you can move the pattern up two FRETS to A, play the same pattern, and you will be playing an A Major scale.

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