Major and Minor Chords--Please Explain

by Sam

Hi guys,

I'm a beginning guitar player and I'm trying to get a good grip of music theory from the start.
Here's one thing I can't figure out.
I've read that the formula for a major chord is 1 + 3 + 5 (possibly plus additional notes), and the one for a minor chord is 1 + flat 3 + 5. I get that in theory. However, when I actually examine chords like A, D and E, I notice that the major chords have sharps in them (respectively C sharp, F sharp and G sharp) while the minor versions are simply the natural notes.
Doesn't that contradict the formula ? Any answers would be really appreciated.


Hi, Sam--

You will find a detailed free explanation of chord formulas which will provide easy to understand answers to you questions at:

Chord Formulas Explained

Thanks for your question, Sam!


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