Legendary Pianists

by Sungyun Kim

what's the difference between all the legendary pianists like Richter, Horowitz, Pollini and like normal pianists who are decent(?) artists, but can't reach top level

Hi, Sungyun--

I think that a lot of it is time and place. The world is so different now that when Horowitz or Rubinstein were up and coming pianists.

During that time, there was much more public interest in classical pianists, as there were not so many other avenues of entertainment.

People went to concerts rather than watch movies on their big screen TV's or play games on their computers.

This, of course, is just my perception. Perhaps our readers will have others.


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Aug 15, 2011
by: Glyn Glynn

Each pianist has his or her own unique style: that is, if they have any personality. If you like their style you will be a devotee of the way they play. There are an enormous number of factors which make a great pianist, several of them not having anything to do with playing the instrument. If a pianist has any quality in his playing he will make nuances in the music which are not written down by the composer but add meaning to the printed notes: this is known as interpretation. These nuances are so subtle they are very difficult to spot. Listen to several recordings of the same piece played by different pianists and compare and contrast.

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