Leather Academy

by Nour Tchernova

Leather Academy is a band formed in NYC. Between Tel Aviv and NYC. A foot on two very dynamic parts of the world. With a huge potential. Because the two band members are both extremely and "multi talented".


*William on vocals, keyboard, Bass, and guitar (the former front man of the successful underground band The Drown www.myspace.com/thedrown , he has previously worked with notable people in the music industry)


*Yael on vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards. Yael is very talented, speaks chinese and is from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Well i love them,
love their unique sound.
Love the fact they worked with Mark Plati (David Bowie's producer) and mixed their songs with him in NYC.

So i'd like to share it with you:



Thanks, Nour--

How about a picture?


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