La Li La

by Dega
(Bandung, jawa barat, Indonesia)

Band picture

Band picture

So, here's a short story of "how it all began", told by me, Dega :o)

While I went to high school in SMUN 6 Cimahi (side of Bandung), I made a lot of songs, with Rina on vocals. Used a very simple bigpipe...hahaha, bad music quality - but nothing could stop us from aspiration ;-) In 1999, who also went to high school, heard some of them and she liked them, as I remember it was asaku that caught her attention.. Some days later she went to visit me again, this time with her friend Milian who I never had met before at the time - turned out he was a bass player with some years of experience with other bands, he liked the music too, and that's when the idea of forming a new band came to our minds. Later on rudy, who was my classmate in Elementary school were recruited. So, the band now consisted of me (Dega) (Drummer,songwriter), Rina (vox), Milian (Bass), and Rudy (guitar).
The first years we maintained a low profile, concentrating on developing ourselves as musicians and developing our music.
In 2004 we decided it was time to make a move, we participated in a band compilation called Pro indie 76 hosted by 76 Records, the little one record company in Bandung, and be the one of ten with other bands. For us it felt like we were stars for a night as we really were the favorites of the night - one truly unforgetable night! ;-)
Our original name "Belly Button" was already taken, so we changed it to "La Li La",
check our songs at, there is a five songs we add...
or for more info please click the link below.

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