by Marcello

Reborn in October 2004, from the ashes of the previous group Skiamazzi Notturni, this is Koan.

Guitarist and founder of the band, Marcello Cantù, guitarist Sacha Galli and singer Pierre-Michel Dettori, both formerly of the band VersiVari, bass guitarist Paolo Maspoli, and drummer Victor Fumagalli make up Koan. Mai 2008 a drummer for live support Mr. Rocco Lombardi. The band proposes a kind of music defined as "grunge-cross-core".

The road starts from grunge and melts into core, therefore enclosing every musical influence that have accompanied each member of the formation through their different musical experiences and personal development.

Koan, has supported many live international groups, such as No use for a name (USA), Useless ID (Israel), The movement (DK), Natan (B), Skarface (F), Elveking, Negrita (Italy) & the Swiss Treekillaz and Eluvetie.

At the end of March 2007 they published the first album ¿ Freedom ?. This album was mastered from Tom Hutten at Bionic Mastering studio, New York (Foo Fighter, Iggy Pop,etc...

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