Knupraptors Head

by Knupraptors Head

The Mentalist Knupraptor

The Mentalist Knupraptor

Bleeding Dead walks alone, with the scaborous Ghoul13, twisted in body and mind. Creating sounds and atmos-fears to bring all humans to un-ease. Stories of truths so ugly. In an attempt to spread their bitter insanities they will conjour more hellions. Disturbitraitors ready to inflict all and rumble the dead forth for the burning.

First to conjour will be the axe murderer. A being skilled in the art of the six-string. All summoned must be able to rehearse often. To dwell at a cosy distance is fortunate but not necessary.

All who enter must own equipment and have knowledge of recording. This mission is immediate. If you arrive to waste time you will be painfully flicked... to pulp. Guitar ability must be of greatness. An ability to play more than basic is required. Do not darken my doorstep with three chords. They will be fed to you.

A fallen angel whose ability to surprise themselves is more than needed. However, if you are the most gifted guitarist this world has ever seen, we will still turf your soul to the puppies should you be completely unlikable. We will be spending much time together so some knock-knock jokes wouldn't go amiss.

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