"Kill the King" by Megadeth--Drum Tab (Guitar Pro)

This drum tab is an accurate transcription of the drum part for "Kill The King" by Megadeth. All of our drum transcriptions are written with careful attention to accuracy. We use the Guitar Pro software and write the tabs in traditional sheet music format. When you order a tab it is delivered to you in a printable PDF file.

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About This Song

"Kill the King" is one of two new tracks on the other wise "greatest hits" album, "Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years", released in 2000.

This song was written by guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine.

About The Drummer

Shawn Drover began playing drums when he was 13 years old. He is a left handed drummer who prefers to play in the "open" position. Instead of crossing his arms and playing the Hi Hat with his right had, he uses his left hand for the Hi Hat and Ride Cymbal and uses his right hand for the Snare drum

His drums are DDrums mounted on a rack and he prefers Sabian cymbals.

Shawn also plays guitar and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

About This Tab

The Intro and Verse are pretty typical Heavy Metal with 16th notes on the Bass drum on the 3rd and 4th beats.

The Pre Chorus and Chorus switch to eighth notes on the Hi Hat and Ride cymbal respectively.

The Intro to the Solo is a section of 16th notes on the Hi Hat.

The Solo is the most interesting part of the song.
In this section, Shawn uses no cymbals except for crashes and relies on the Bass drum and the Floor Tom to keep the rhythm.

The Outro is more 16th notes on the Bass drum and the ending is a series of 16th note triplets on the Snare drum.

This tab will require a fair amount of skill to play the Bass Drum 16th at the Tempo of 144. It would be a good song for an intermediate to advanced drummer or for any drummer who wants to improve double bass pedal speed.


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